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Introducing Metacask Trakr

The first integrated inventory management, asset tracking and direct marketing solution for brands

Created for brands, producers and warehouses


Record every step of the production process, including ingredients, sources, processes, energy, etc. Whatever your requirements, it’s all stored securely on the blockchain.


Each bottle and cask is labeled with an NFC tag that links to information associated to that asset. This allows for simple inventory tracking, proof of authenticity and…


Connect to customers directly though the products they own. Because each bottle or cask has a unique identity, this creates a new communication channel for the lifetime of the product.

Sell directly on our marketplace

The beauty of Metacask is that because your inventory is stored in your Trakr account, listing products on the marketplace is only a couple of clicks away!

Why Metacask Trakr

Inventory, easily managed

Quickly and securely add inventory to the platform as it’s produced. All data is stored securely on the blockchain, with a permanent record of every product and transaction.

No more paperwork

Our revolutionary platform replaces the out-dated and flawed paper-based system, with a robust digital solution designed for modern business operations.

Instant reporting

Reporting is a breeze - all inventory and transaction data is instantly accessible on our platform, so reports – eg for HMRC – can be generated in moments.

From grain to bottle

Record all input of ingredients, materials and energy usage to track every stage of production and help increase efficiencies

  • Grains

    Record raw ingredients and the source of the ingredients

  • Mash

    Record which batches of ingredients are in each run

  • Ferment

    Record which runs of the cook are fermented in this run

  • Distil

    Record which runs of the fermentation are distilled in this run

  • Mature

    Each cask is recorded from this filling, linked to the distillation run - and tagged with NFC

  • Bottle

    Bottling from cask or blended batches are recorded individually on-chain, linked by NFC tags

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