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What is MetaCask?

the digital age of whisky

Own & Trade Casks

Metacask allows investors to buy and sell whisky casks on the world’s first NFT marketplace for whisky cask investments.  Trade with confidence on the first NFT marketplace with KYC/AML by default.


The blockchain provides an immutable and public record of ownership of casks. Ownership is seamlessly tracked via the NFT.


Metacask provides transparency in the cask market by having sale prices part of public record, eventually becoming the oracle for price discovery.

own the future of whisky

Cask NFTs will be dropped periodically with prices ranging from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Lookout for the extra special casks with additional content!

If you have a cask you wish to sell in Metacask, you must drop the cask in through a registered Broker. Please contact for a list of partnered Brokers. They will tokenize your cask to be listed on Metacask.

If you are a Broker who wishes to sell your stock through Metacask, get in touch at to talk about how we can support you.

A Macallan 1991 NFT Auction

Worlds-First Scotch Cask With Digital Artwork Label: Secured On The Blockchain

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