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The marketplace for exceptional spirits

Buy, collect and sell bottles and casks from the world’s favourite brands

The smart way to collect

Super-fast & super-efficient

With Metacask you can buy, collect and sell bottles and casks, instantly. The days of taking weeks through a broker are history.

No certificates, you own it!

You own the digital deed, the title, so no middlemen, no brokers, and no opportunities for admin errors, missing assets or duplicate sales!

Multiple ways to pay

We accept regular FIAT currencies like USD and EUR, so you don’t need to know your Casper from your Ethereum, to buy and own special spirits with Metacask.

Inventory management for brands

Metacask Trakr is the first fully-integrated inventory management, asset tracking and marketing solution, available to the spirits industry.

Inventory, easily managed

Quickly and securely add inventory to the platform as it’s produced. All data is stored securely on the blockchain, with a permanent record of every product and transaction.

No more paperwork

Our revolutionary platform replaces the out-dated and flawed paper-based system, with a robust digital solution designed for modern business operations.

Instant reporting

Reporting is a breeze - all inventory and transaction data is instantly accessible on our platform, so reports – eg for HMRC – can be generated in moments.

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Trusted partners

Secure & flexible technology

Built on the ultra-secure Casper Network gives us many advantages, including low fees, fast transactions and extremely low energy consumption.

On-chain KYC and AML

We use on-chain KYC by Civic. The benefit of Civic is that we don’t hold any user data. We simply need to know that all participants meet required criteria.